Maxtrix Blue/Red Curtain for Mid Loft Bed

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Maxtrix Blue/Red Curtain for Mid Loft Bed
Part Number: 3630-021

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Maxtrix Blue and Red curtain for the mid height loft bed includes curtains for the front and ONE side. Essentially, this is the low loft curtain with a mid height loft curtain extension included. The red panel has a white star design and a circle cutout. The main blue panel has two windows and a red doorway. **Full size includes a blue filler panel for the end.

The curtain is attached using an adhesive backed velcro strip that attaches to the bed from underneath/inside the bed and a velcro that is stitched on the curtain panel itself. Included is the mid loft extension piece which attaches to the bed as well as the low loft curtain to make it into a mid height loft size.

Please select either TWIN size or FULL size when ordering.

TWIN SIZE: W: 74.5" x D: 37.5" x H: 42.5"
FULL SIZE: W: 74.5" x D: 52" x H: 42.5"

*Please note that the low loft bed pictured is NOT included.

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