Maxtrix FULL Size High Loft Leg Kit w/ Straight Ladder

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Maxtrix FULL Size High Loft Leg Kit w/ Straight Ladder
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Maxtrix FULL Size High Loft Leg Kit with Straight Ladder

Convert any of the Maxtrix FULL size beds to a high loft bed with straight ladder using this kit. The high loft creates maximum under bed space for a desk or a tall bookcase or a sitting area. You can use any of the full bed combinations such as the low/low maxtrix full bed, med/low maxtrix full bed or the med/med maxtrix full bed. If you have only the full size bed, you will need to purchase the back guard rail and the front 3/4 guard rail for safety. The straight ladder is a great option to save overall space in the room. If you prefer a safer ladder, you can also opt for the angle ladder version shown on on our other page.

The full size high loft extension legs creates an overall underbed clearance of 52.5" regardless of the style of bed ends.

Please select the FINISH when ordering.

Dimensions: W: 80" x D: 61.5" x H: 40" (Extension Leg)
(Ladder height: 71")

The height is the height of the extension leg. Ladder height is 71"

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