Maxtrix High Loft Bed (M/L) w/ Straight Ladder (Twin Size)

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Maxtrix High Loft Bed (M/L) w/ Straight Ladder (Twin Size)
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Maxtrix Twin Size High Loft Bed (Med/Low Bed Ends) w/ Straight Ladder

The Maxtrix BEAUTY is a high loft bed with Med/Low Bed ends (120 Bed ends) and a straight ladder. When space is an issue, the straight ladder high loft takes up the least amount of floor space and allows you to utilize the space underneath the bed for either a dresser or a desk or any other storage you choose. The ladder can be mounted on either the right or left side. *A lot of customers have asked why there is a low/low bed ends model and also a med/low bed ends model. The reason for the med/low bed ends is that for customers who will eventually convert these beds into just a regular twin size bed for the floor, the med/low ends make the bed look more like a traditional bed with a headboard and a footboard.

This bed is also part of the Maxtrix system so this bed can be converted later into a regular twin bed, a low loft bed, a bunk bed, etc...

This Maxtrix bed combination consists of the following basic components:
{1020 + 1310 + 1340 + 1540}
(twin size bed with med/low bed ends, full length guard rail, 3/4 guard rail, straight ladder, high loft leg extension)

*Finials are optional and can be found on our accessories page. There are three finials to choose from (princess, round or pyramid). Also, other accessories shown are NOT included. Mattress is also optional.

Please select the FINISH when ordering.

Dimensions: W: 80" x D: 46.5" x H: 76.75"**

**Curved Bed Ends are 4" taller overall than the Panel or Slat version.

The width is the length of the bed from the headboard to the footboard. The depth is from the tip of the ladder to the back. The height is from the floor to the top of the post.

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