Maxtrix Mid Height Princess Castle Bed w/ Angle Ladder and Slide Package

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Maxtrix Mid Height Princess Castle Bed w/ Angle Ladder and Slide Package
Part Number: SWEET-G-2X

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Configure your own Girl's Mid-Height Maxtrix Princess Castle Bed.
Maxtrix SWEET-G-2X is a girl's Princess castle MID-Height loft bed with curtain, top tent, angle ladder, metal handrail and slide. (No tower). The bottom curtain is made up of the low loft curtains and a mid height loft panel extension. The top tent and fabric is included and it is a great accessory. It really gives the bed a true clubhouse feel. Also, a lot of parents have told us that the top tent is great at keeping the children from jumping up and down on the bed. The reason why there is no tower on the SWEET-G-2X mid-height loft bed is that the tower will sit too tall and will also float off the floor. The tower is meant to be used only in the low loft configurations.

Many customers have been asking for a boy's castle loft bed that is a little higher than the WOW low loft bed versions. The SWEET-G-2X is a mid height loft bed that has an under bed height of 44.25" as compared to a low loft which has an under bed height of 33.25".

We are trying to make it easier to configure and order this bed from the same page so please browse through the available photos and go ahead and build that dream bed for your child.

Steps to creating the perfect bed:
  1. Choose the bed end style (The bed ends are available in solid panel or slat)
  2. Choose the wood color (The bed is available in Natural, White and Chestnut)
  3. Choose the bottom curtain color (Soft Pink/White, Soft Pink/Yellow/Green, Purple/Light Blue, Hot Pink/Light Blue)
  4. Choose the top tent fabric color (Soft Pink/White, Purple/Light Blue, Hot Pink/Light Blue) The top tent frame color will be the same as the bed.
  5. And that's it.
This package includes the following items:
{SWEET mid height loft bed with angle ladder and slide + 3420 series top tent and fabric (you choose the color) + 3220/3620 series bottom curtain (you choose the color}
(mid loft bed with low/low bed ends, mid loft angle ladder, metal handrail, mid loft leg extension, top tent frame and fabric and bottom curtain)

This Maxtrix bed combination is available in Natural, White and Chestnut finish.

Also, Please remember that Maxtrix beds are also available in the Solid Panel version as well as the Slat version.

*Other accessories shown are NOT included. Mattress is also optional.

Please select the FINISH when ordering.

Dimensions: W: 80" x D: 105.5" x H: 81.25"

The width is the length of the bed from the headboard to the footboard. The depth is from the back of the bed to the tip of the slide. The height is from the floor to the top of the top tent post.

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