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We are the largest discounted Maxtrix Kids Furniture dealer in the US. As the largest online Maxtrix dealer, we can offer the best prices and the quickest shipping time for any Maxtrix bed combination. You can feel confident in shopping Maxtrix furniture with us.

Maxtrix has launched some new combinations such as low loft beds with stairs, mid loft beds with stairs, bunk beds with stairs as well as curved bed ends.

We also specialize in shipping the most popular items such as Maxtrix low loft beds, castle beds, princess beds, high loft beds, bunk beds and Furniture all across the US.

If you have any questions regarding Maxtrix Products, such as high loft beds, bunk beds, L-shape bunks, or if you have a custom configuration you would like to check, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Maxtrix furniture products are available in 3 finishes so please make sure to select natural or white or chestnut when making your furniture selection. Also, if you are choosing beds or bed configurations, Maxtrix now offers 3 different bed end designs (solid panel, slatted and curved).
Please make sure to check out our specials page for current specials. If you need information on shipping and delivery of your Maxtrix furniture, please visit our shipping info page where you can find more detailed information.